Universal Relief Foundation provides extensive resources for disabled children in order to stimulate their development and help them integrate in society.



Our organization delivers wheelchairs and other essential supplies to disabled children making their lives easier and nicer.


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Компания «ПОЛИТЕХСЕРВИС» является единственным в России поставщиком оборудования и расходных материалов.

Welcome to Universal Relief Foundation

Welcome to Universal Relief Foundation

change the life of those, who have no hope!

Universal Relief Foundation is seeking sponsors to support the project “Easy Splashing – Providing Kyrgyz Children with Cerebral Palsy with Pediatric Bath Chairs” . This project is going to be implemented within the program of the foundation on delivering wheelchairs and other essential supplies to disabled children making their lives easier and nicer.

This is an ordeal for both the child and for the parents. A lot of effort and cost are required to overcome the disease. According to statistics fathers often leave their families; they cannot withstand the psychological stress. And mothers have to forget about their careers and spend all their time on activities with the child. In addition to the moral difficulties, Kyrgyz mothers face a lot of physical problems. They have to carry their disabled children in their arms or on their backs if they want to walk outside of their homes, because there are no ramps in buildings. Kyrgyz children with Cerebral Palsy cannot attend libraries, museums or shopping centers and, of course, they cannot afford to bathe in the pools. And the only place where children with cerebral palsy can enjoy the water is a bath. But this pleasure costs a lot of effort for the child, and especially for the mother. Mothers have to hold the baby with one hand and to wash his body with another hand. And many of them cannot afford to buy special pediatric bath chairs as there are no such chairs in Kyrgyzstan and they are very expensive abroad.

Our organization, Universal Relief Foundation, proposes this project to help families with children with Cerebral Palsy to get pediatric bath chairs, facilitate mothers’ work and give opportunity to children to bathe in an easy way.  Using these chairs mothers can maneuver things so they can’t do harm to their children and themselves.  Also the chairs will allow children be more in the water, which helps to reduce pressure on bones and joints. In addition, children with cerebral palsy can work on aerobic exercises in the water, improving their overall muscle tone and cardiac health.


Putting others first. Changing the lives of those who have no hope is what our mission is all about. Many, often unthinkable & heartbreaking problems strike different groups of society and threaten communities all over the globe and we strive to create programs to help those in need.










“Azattyk” will speak about how to implement Nurgazy dream that led him from the distant Kochkor to America about internet Oscar and compatriots living overseas.

To read his inspiring story click here





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Please learn about our current project, “Young Kyrgyz Musicians – We Have Talent to Share”here

The goal of the project is to help two young musicians from Kyrgyzstanto to find their way and succeed in their musical career! 

Two young Kyrgyz musicians, Beksultan Mamatkulov and Mars Zhaiylov, are the winners of many local and International musical competitions and festivals, such as “Turk Vizyon 2013”, “Frunze Life”. 

Both of the musicians are graduates of Kyrgyzstan State Musical School named after M. Kurenkeev. They have great experience working in a number of musical groups, including National orchestra of the Mayor Office of Bishkek City.

Beksultan Mamatkulov and Mars Zhaiylov are two young Kyrgyz musicians that have outstanding talents to share with the world and we welcome their presence to perform. They will be visiting August 31st – September 8th, 2015.

Universal Relief, Inc. as a participant and a co-sponsor of the Kyrgyz Independence Day celebration has invited these two young professional Kyrgyz musicians to participate in the event. The event will take place on August 31, 2015   at Kaufman MUSIC Center General Information at 129 West 67th St., New York, NY 10023. 

The celebration will be based on the Epic of Manas – a traditional epic poem about a national hero of the Kyrgyz people. Full story here.

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An ongoing and very special project at Universal Relief Foundation is “Easy Splashing” and please read about how you can help here.


We are aware that a lot of problems strike different groups of society and threaten communities all over the globe. There are unattended elderly people who are not able to take care of themselves and have no relatives, people struggling with extreme poverty and hunger, war and natural disaster victims… Besides, there are a lot of children lacking basic medical services, education, food, clothing, and opportunities. Unfortunately, statistics shows that it is complicated for children with such a background to integrate successfully in society and find their paths in lives. In fact, they often engage in prostitution, burglary and other criminal activities. Crimes, addictions, violence, aggression and other relevant problems create instability in the region preventing it from prosperity and development. That is why Universal Relief Foundation focuses on helping children to develop appropriately, find opportunities and become successful happy members of society. We pay a special attention to disabled children and orphans dedicating our efforts to granting educational and other opportunities. It is important for our organization to provide children in need with a full complex of material, human and educational resources that would help them to manage the situation and achieve important goals in life.


Helping the Disabled

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Assisting children and adults with disabilities is one of our main priorities. We believe that every person should have a chance to enjoy life and its opportunities. Our organization is involved in programs destined to help them gain new skills and increase independence for life. Besides, we finance work of special day centers where individuals with disabilities are provided with care, skills training, tailored services and leisure activities. Our efforts stimulate a physical, mental and communicative development as well as financial relief for individuals enrolled in the program. We believe that people should be noble and help each other to experience beautiful moments of life together with its wonderful opportunities. Our program is destined to transform our world to a place of more equal opportunities where every person can realize his dreams and feel content with life.

Poverty Relief

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Unfortunately, a lot of people all over the globe live in poverty. In fact, almost half of the world and with over three billion of people live on less than $2.50 a day. Our organization provides material services, helps to build capacities and improve the quality of life. Our material services include home improvement, winter fuel, weatherization, education classes, health screenings and organization of productive social interaction and involvement. Our efforts are not a short- term relief, it is a long- term provision of opportunities and motivation to achieve goals in life. We helped thousands of people and are dedicated to do much more!


For more information, please,
contact Estegul Eshimova, Project manager

Phone: 1-917-533-7286

Email: usa.org.ur@gmail.com

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